Style it your way- The Simone Bookcase

Today we are focusing on the Simone Bookcase designed by Pierre-François Dubois. This piece is so versatile it will easily slide into your everyday life no matter the use or location. The open shelving creates the perfect platform to display your precious keepsakes or showcase commonly used items. Below you will find just three of the many style combinations you can achieve.

For your studio or workspace


To increase productivity whilst enhance your surroundings, store your stationary on Simone’s open shelving rather than in drawers or in cupboards. This will allow you to keep your workspace clear, visible and accessible. The vertical oak supports are an eye catching and create the perfect support to your notepads and books. Use vessels to house your collection of markers, pens and pencils to add visual interest.

For the Textiles

The open shelving of the Simone Bookcase are perfect for showcasing your favourite textiles. Group items by colour, texture and size to beautifully showcase your most beloved belongings. With the choice between the 120cm and the 160cm bookcase, the Simone will fit perfectly into any room or space in your home.

For your homewares or living space


Take your favourite homewares out of the cupboard and use the Simone Bookcase to display them within your home. The varying colours of white, pink oak or light blue the Simone comes in can work with any existing colour scheme. Cluster your items together in odd numbers to while mixing an array of ceramics, glass, linen and greenery to create a balanced and a vibrant display.

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