Savvy Ideas For Your Fireplace

If you are one of the many people who make use of a fireplace during the winter months, you know that they can become an eyesore after years of use. Instead of rebuilding your fireplace or walling it up, give it a makeover your family is sure to enjoy. Try some of the glam ideas below to give your old fireplace a new look.

Keep in mind, just because your chimney is permanent, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find your old fireplace a new front. You can now purchase mantels that require minimal assembly with a screwdriver all done in a day’s worth of work.

Install a glass door 

Your fireplace can become dangerous if left unattended, because unlike a gas fireplace, you can’t turn off the flames. Install a glass door to protect your investment, and it can also lend a cosy feel to your room. It isn’t hard to find a glass door that fits your fireplace, because they are sold retrofitted at your local home hardware store.

Purchase an old mantel 

The mantel is not only a focal point in your room, but it can also serve as an architectural wonder for an otherwise boring hearth. Instead of purchasing a new mantel, consider purchasing a salvaged one. Many homeowners tear down old mantels in order to replace them with new ones. Give an old piece new life!

Surround fireplace hearth with granite slabs 

It offers a more modern appeal that homeowners can enjoy, and granite can take a real beating over the years. However, if you can’t afford granite slabs, opt for ceramic or stone finish tiles to achieve a similar but more budget friendly look.

Get rid of mantel 

Jazz up your fireplace by dismissing a mantel altogether and go for a more permanent look. Coloured tiles can create intricate patterns and make your hearth look wholesome. Just because many homeowners opt for a mantel, it doesn’t mean that you should too!

Build stone around your entire fireplace 

You don’t have to use real stone to make your fireplace look good. Modern cast-stone veneer offers the same appeal, and you can choose a river rock look or stacked stones. It is not only easy on your wallet, but it also has the appeal of an easy D-I-Y project.

Switch out your real fireplace with a gas one

It offers you safety and you can control it with minimal effort as you don’t have to tend the fire or add wood. Modern gas fireplaces look entirely realistic and you no longer have to worry about staring at plastic moulded unconvincing logs.





Your fireplace can become the heart of your home while keeping you home on a cold winter’s night. There is no reason to overlook the decorating aspects of your fireplace because it can become a focal point in an otherwise plain room. Try the advice from this article to create a fireplace others will envy!

Style it your way- The Simone Bookcase

Today we are focusing on the Simone Bookcase designed by Pierre-François Dubois. This piece is so versatile it will easily slide into your everyday life no matter the use or location. The open shelving creates the perfect platform to display your precious keepsakes or showcase commonly used items. Below you will find just three of the many style combinations you can achieve.

For your studio or workspace


To increase productivity whilst enhance your surroundings, store your stationary on Simone’s open shelving rather than in drawers or in cupboards. This will allow you to keep your workspace clear, visible and accessible. The vertical oak supports are an eye catching and create the perfect support to your notepads and books. Use vessels to house your collection of markers, pens and pencils to add visual interest.

For the Textiles

The open shelving of the Simone Bookcase are perfect for showcasing your favourite textiles. Group items by colour, texture and size to beautifully showcase your most beloved belongings. With the choice between the 120cm and the 160cm bookcase, the Simone will fit perfectly into any room or space in your home.

For your homewares or living space


Take your favourite homewares out of the cupboard and use the Simone Bookcase to display them within your home. The varying colours of white, pink oak or light blue the Simone comes in can work with any existing colour scheme. Cluster your items together in odd numbers to while mixing an array of ceramics, glass, linen and greenery to create a balanced and a vibrant display.