How To Permanently Organize Your Bedroom

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend in your bedroom, but you know that it’s important that your private haven is organised. Organisation doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to throw out your furniture or remodel your entire bedroom. You can permanently organise your bedroom by following some of the great ideas below.

Create closet under bed

Create a closet by utilising the space from under your bed. Choose wooden crates, boxes or bins and attach four casters to the bottom. Ensure that you are able to slide your boxes with the casters under your bed.

Use a stepladder

Stack your nighttime accessories instead of having a small yet crowded nightstand. An old fashioned wooden stepladder is an interesting focal point next to your bed and it can help you organise your books, boxes and lamp on the different rungs.

Use a drawer as a charging station

Don’t leave your electronic gadgets on your nightstand when you need to charge them. Instead, dedicate a drawer in your nightstand to become your charging station. If you make it a part of your nightly ritual to charge your gadgets, you won’t have to bear witness to a smartphone with a dead battery.

Keep track of your mattress

Your mattress can have a longer lifespan when you flip it four times a year. To keep track in order to even out the wear, attach small notes with the months on them to each end of your mattress.

Use a shadow box jewellery cabinet

A shadow box jewellery cabinet can become the focal point in your bedroom. Some costume pieces of jewellery are just too pretty to be shoved in a forgotten drawer. Pick out some of your favourite pieces and have them displayed in the shadow box jewellery cabinet.

Install a picture rail moulding throughout your wall

If you have fancy shoes lying around and not enough closet space, organise your shoes by installing picture rail moulding throughout your wall. Make sure to buy pre-primed pieces and have them cut to your needed lengths at the store. Use construction adhesive to attach them to your wall and space them about one foot apart.

Use a ready made plate rack as a bookshelf

A ready-made plate rack can become the perfect bookshelf. It lends an interesting focal point in your bedroom and you can display all of those interesting book covers. This design also works great for kids’ rooms.

Try a hanging laundry bag

It is hard work to dump your dirty laundry in the bathroom, so try a hanging laundry bag. It not only saves you floor space, but it can be a stylish addition to the back of your door.

Build a walk-by closet instead of a walk-in closet

Not all homes offer you the ability and luxury to have a large walk-in closet built. That doesn’t mean you can’t organise and display your clothing in your bedroom.

Your bedroom doesn’t have to be a space you don’t utilise or a place you store your bed. There are hundreds of small ways that you can make the most of your bedroom space. Try the little tips from this article for big impact!